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Customs import

We provide import customs clearance. We organize cartage of customs warehouses, goods neutralization, implementation of tariffs and veterinary inspection.

Since 2010, we have been an authorized consignee and can process dutiable goods. The processing of dutiable goods, change of custodian and technical issues related to customs divisions are among the services we offer.

Customs clearance methods:

  • Import through customs
  • Electronic processing of imports and exports at all German airports with direct links to the customs via ATLAS (NCTS, AES)
  • Import clearance with ATA carnet
  • Import clearance as a fiscal representative
  • Import clearance on AV / VO bill
  • Import clearance on PV / PV on behalf of
  • Import clearance with dispatch notice (T-1)
  • Import clearance of private and household goods
  • Import clearance of perishable goods
  • Disbursement of customs duties and EUST (import value added tax)


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